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Trump Forces Launch Attack Ad On DeSantis

The first negative campaign advertisements for the 2024 presidential race have been released by Make America Great Again, Inc.  In an unprecedented presidential season, this is another unprecedented action.  Not only is it still early in the election year, but the target of the advertisement is someone who is not formally running for president.

It’s crucial to realize that Make America Great Again isn’t a campaign initiative for President Trump.  In fact, it states explicitly that it is not affiliated with any candidate.  Make America Great Again is legally prohibited from working with the Trump campaign due to the absurd campaign finance laws.  It cannot receive any guidance from the campaign or participate in conversations about content or strategy.

Operations with independent funding are seen as non-political.  They educate and inform the general population for their own gain.  Because of this, neither Trump nor any advice to support him are mentioned.   But be clear that Make America Great Again is dedicated to Trump’s victory.  People at Make America Great Again intuitively know what needs to be done even though there is no coordination.  They are aware of their goal.

The purpose of the advertisement, which was produced by Make America Great Again, is to harm Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.  It is evident that the Trump administration views DeSantis as an imminent threat.

It is an offensive advertisement that implies DeSantis will take away people’s Medicare and Social Security benefits.  The Florida Governor’s opposition to changes to Social Security and Medicare in a few technical votes as a congressman is used to support this argument.  It portrays the facts incorrectly by removing the context from the votes, a tactic common to negative independent spending committees.

The advertisement is in black and white to emphasize the unfavorable impression, and it includes unpleasant photographs of DeSantis, who just so happens to be the most well-liked and effective Republican governor in America.

Many Americans are unfamiliar with DeSantis.  He is just beginning the process of creating his country’s public image.  Before the American people get to know the genuine DeSantis, it appears that the Trump camp wants to damage that reputation.

The early and unpleasant start to the presidential campaign season.  How horrible it will be in the summer of 2024 is hard to fathom.

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