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Pastor Compares Mass Shooter To Jesus

The Nashville school shooter was recently equated to Jesus by a transgender pastor. At St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Fargo, North Dakota, Micah Louwagie serves as the pastor. During a Sunday ceremony to commemorate the start of the Holy Week leading up to Easter, she drew the analogy. According to the pastor, who identified as they/them, the persecution of Jesus Christ is comparable to that experienced by transgender individuals in contemporary society.

Louwagie added, “There are a significant number of people who have deemed that the fact that the Nashville shooter happened to be a trans person, so it’s been reported, is just the excuse they need to call for the eradication of trans folks.”

On March 27, in Nashville, Tennessee, a 28-year-old male named Audrey Hale forced her way inside the Covenant Christian school and shot and killed six people, including three children. Hale’s actions were defended by several pundits and social media users as the inevitable result of “anti-trans” legislation approved by legislators in Tennessee and other states. 

Transgender activists are worried that their accomplishments may be undone as a result of the killings.

 Hale was fatally shot by police at the scene, and they later claimed that she had written a manifesto outlining the motives for the crime. The specifics of this have not been disclosed to the public.

Trans activists believe Tennessee is one of several states that have passed legislation that violates their rights. A bill prohibiting so-called gender-affirming care for children and restricting them from going to drag events was signed by Governor Bill Lee in February. The prescription of medications referred to as puberty blockers is a part of medical treatment that is gender affirming. 

As soon as a youngster reaches puberty, these prevent further physical growth. Drag shows feature guys performing on stage while dressed as flashy female personas.

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