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Largest Classified U.S. Intelligence LEAK

After revealing the largest national security breach in more than ten years, a military base employee who is being sought by police has made new disclosures.

Members of the Discord questioned refused to identify the base to reporters, but images of the leaked intelligence documents contain clues about the individual’s home, including furniture pictured in the background. Online friends to the leaker told the Washington Post that the person, known in their private Discord chat as OG, confessed to bringing home documents from his job at a “military base.”

The Discord group’s members saw OG as an uncle figure in his early to mid-20s who supplied information for their knowledge and advantage rather than to undermine U.S. interests. They were drawn together by their love of guns and military equipment. Friends of the leaker claim that they did not see any similarities between him and Edward Snowden, the NSA contractor who exposed a vast amount of intelligence information under the Obama administration.

The article claims that the leaker would create in-depth summaries of the intelligence he accessed. He started taking pictures of the contents and uploading them straight after growing impatient with the Discord group members for not thoroughly reviewing what he supplied them. Satellite images and classified estimations on topics like how far into the United States North Korean missiles could be shot were included in some of these transfers.

The collapse of the intelligence system has had a profound impact on the world community and the US’s ties with its allies, notably Ukraine, whose leaders were shocked to learn from briefings that their army could only make little progress against Russia during their protracted conflict. Additionally, intelligence was gathered on allies including the United Kingdom and South Korea, where opposition politicians have expressed concern about the revelations.

The FBI and the Department of Justice have been instructed by the House-Senate Intelligence Committee to identify the source of the leaks.

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