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Ted Cruz Rages at Biden Nominee Who Attacked Fox News

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a five-person panel, decides on rules governing radio, television, cable, and other forms of communication. There is currently a vacancy on the committee. Gigi Sohn has been nominated twice for the position by President Joe Biden, but she is finding it difficult to secure the requisite support. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) continues to express his distaste for her in very loud ways.

Sohn made his third appearance before the Senate Commerce Committee on Tuesday, February 14, in an effort to secure the support required for FCC leadership confirmation. Her 2021 nomination fell through, but on January 3, 2023, Biden renominated her for the position knowing that the Democrats had gained another Senate seat, improving her prospects of being confirmed.

During the conversation, Senator Cruz displayed a tweet from Sohn from October 2020 in which she claimed that Fox News was “state-sponsored propaganda” because of its strong association with then-President Donald Trump. The network, she added, was “destroying democracy.”

Cruz criticized the conservative news site, and Sohn responded that she did “have some issues” with it while also pointing out that the FCC does not oversee it.

The FCC nominee has come under fire for contributing 12 times to different Senators in the 15 months after Biden first put her up for the role. Sohn defended her action by claiming that she merely “wanted to participate in the Democratic process” and doesn’t see anything wrong with giving money to the Senators who will now decide whether or not she gets the job.

Cruz claimed Sohn was “wholly unqualified to be on the FCC” in a statement to the Washington Examiner because of her “partisan bias” and “multiple conflicts of interest.”

Also, he expressed the view that Biden is “wasting” his time in trying to place her. Similar reservations about the candidate were made by Democrat Mark Kelly (D-AZ) to the Washington Examiner.

The Senate Commerce Committee must now decide if she will be allowed to vote on the Senate floor this time.

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