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Ted Cruz Demands Immediate Release of Financial Records By Janet Yellen

The economic practices of President Joe Biden’s family worry Republicans in Congress a great lot. His brother James Biden and son Hunter Biden also have experience working with international firms that are connected to governments. Particularly, the president’s son has been under intense scrutiny. The Department of Justice is currently looking into him for potential tax offenses.

To determine if Hunter and James have taken advantage of their notoriety and proximity to the White House, lawmakers have been seeking to dig into the commercial transactions. The Treasury Department’s records on the first family are at the center of one of the conflicts with Congress. A senator is now requesting action from a senior authority.

After months of back-and-forth, it was announced in March that the Treasury had consented to provide the House Oversight and Government Accountability Committee with Suspicious Activities Reports (SARs) pertaining to the Biden family. Reports of anything that was marked as suspicious can be found in the bank records.

On March 14, Chairman James Comer (R-KY) informed the American public of the SARs in a statement. The Treasury Department, according to him, has been “dragging its feet” for two months. The Biden family and their acquaintances will be covered in the reports, he claimed.

In order to benefit the president’s family, Republicans have stated that they want to ensure that the administration is not affected by outside interests.

The fact that the records are made available to Congressmen and women, according to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), is not sufficient. The senator requested the Treasury Department provide the documents to the public on Wednesday, April 19. He stated that if Janet Yellen, the secretary of the Treasury, withholds the documents, she is “complicit in the coverup.”

Days after Comer revealed it’s probable nine members of Biden’s family may have received money from foreign sources, the senator made his statement. He said that a $3 million wire transfer from a Chinese energy company to a member of the Biden family occurred in March. 

The chairman, however, made no mention of the associate’s use of the funds or whether his venture involved China. Doing business with Chinese enterprises is permitted in the US.

Comer claimed that many of the businesses Biden’s family members are involved in are related to his long career in government, or they have made connections through it. The lawmaker did not accuse any of them of committing a crime in the press release. If Cruz has his way, the American people could look at the documents and decide for themselves what’s going on.

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