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GOP Tackles Border Challenges as Migrants Expected Soon

Republicans have begun work on updating immigration rules, particularly those that pertain to the Mexican border, while the border crisis drags on.

The Biden Administration’s approach to border and immigration issues has received criticism from the GOP thus far. Republicans have made this a heated topic, but they have not been able to find enough agreement within the party to pass meaningful legislation. 

The chairman of the committee charged with addressing that issue, Representative Jim Jordan, believes they will make headway in their deliberations on potential remedies.

According to Jordan, Republican representatives are drafting a border enforcement plan to combat drug trafficking and undocumented immigration. One objective is to enact legislation that will make asylum petitions more challenging. They will charge a $50 fee, raise the threshold for demonstrating any form of persecution, and demand that an asylum claim be submitted at the port of entry.

Republicans also want to give the federal government additional authority to prevent illegal immigration. If “operational control” of the border has been jeopardized, the border package would authorize Homeland Security authorities to detain migrants who are attempting to enter the nation.

The Republican party members’ disagreement centers on whether the proposal is fair to Latino neighborhoods. Some Representatives have a strict policy of upholding border controls and legislation at all costs.

Other people claim that the laws are tough and perhaps insensitive to the needs of Latinos for protection.

The moderate Republican group is seeking a compromise, stressing the urgent need to address border security issues and drug trafficking in addition to the necessity of legal immigration.

The Senate, which has a Democratic majority, is certain to oppose the GOP’s plan if it is forced through the House. As soon as a prior Trump Administration decision that will loosen the requirements for asylum-seeking expires, many migrants are anticipated to come. President Biden, according to Republicans, is woefully unprepared for the surge.

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