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Taylor Greene Defends Pentagon Leaker

In a string of tweets this week, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene firmly stated her support for Pentagon leaker Jake Teixeira. According to Taylor Greene, who questioned the Defense Department for clarification, the Pentagon leaks demonstrate the depth of American engagement in the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine.

Taylor Greene defended Teixeira, a 21-year-old airman in the Air National Guard, on Twitter. Teixeira was detained this week after it was claimed that he posted online more than 100 classified Pentagon documents.

According to Taylor Greene, Teixeira is revered as a hero by many Americans, and the young airman is being persecuted because he is a white male Christian who opposes the conflict in Ukraine.

She claimed that as a result, he was an “enemy of the Biden regime.”

The Georgia delegate claimed that Teixeira showed “what we suspected all along” by pulling “back the flimsy transparent curtain.”

The documents may contain proof of “war crimes or treason,” she continued, but Americans are being urged to keep quiet about the divulged information. “It’s classified and we might all turn Russian if we talk about it.”

The lawmaker took it a step further and wrote a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin asking for information on the United States’ involvement in Ukraine.

Almost “100 special forces from Western countries, including more than a dozen Americans,” according to Taylor Greene’s citation of the documents, are present in Ukraine.

Teixeira was referred to as a “whistleblower exposing the corruption” of the Biden White House by the Georgia Republican, who also claimed that the president “has lied to the American people about the war in Ukraine.”

The defense secretary is questioned in the letter on a number of topics, including the transparency of the Pentagon during the conflict. She questioned whether Biden had given the go-ahead for the deployment of American forces to Ukraine without the necessary congressional consent required by the Constitution as well as the number of American service members already stationed there.

The comments follow rumors that the Georgia Republican would serve as former President Donald Trump’s running partner in 2024.

At a recent event, Taylor Greene was asked the query to thunderous applause. She would have to wait and see how the Republican primary campaign went, the representative added.

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