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3 American Sailors (Including Husband and Wife) Missing Off Coast of Mexico for 13 Days

Three Americans who have been missing at sea for the past 13 days since setting sail from Mexico for San Diego are being sought after.

According to a statement from the US Coast Guard, husband and wife team Frank and Kerry O’Brien, along with their buddy William Gross, have not been seen or heard from since the group left Mazatlán, Mexico, on April 4.

The 44-foot sailing sailboat was supposed to make a supply stop in Cabo San Lucas on April 6, according to the authorities, but it was not seen coming. They haven’t been reported anywhere, either.

The US Coast Guard and the Mexican Navy are currently searching a 2,500-mile sea area for them.

“Search and rescue coordinators have contacted marinas throughout Baja, Mexico, with negative sightings of the vessel. Urgent marine information broadcasts have been issued over VHF radio requesting all mariners to keep a lookout for the missing persons and vessel,” the Coast Guard states.

The O’Brien family invited Gross to join them at sea, and according to Melissa Spicuzza of NBC San Diego, the O’Briens have Coast Guard captain’s licenses and all three sailors have years of experience.

“I’m just wanting my dad, my dad and the O’Briens, to roll back in and say, ‘What’s going on guys?’ The last message I got from my dad was, ‘We have a 9:30 departure today,’ on Tuesday, April 4. We communicate constantly with family and friends. We have a Facebook group that we post to. We check in. If our sailing plan changes, we let people know,” she exclaimed.

According to ABC News, the trip requires the trio to sail more than 200 miles across the southern Gulf of California on a LaFitte model 44 sailing yacht. The sailboat was created by Robert H. Perry Yacht Designers and has a single mast for sailing and an auxiliary motor, according to the journal.

Ellen Argyle, Kerry O’Brien’s mother, told a local media station, KFMB, that her daughter has been sailing for about 20 years and has always loved the water.

According to family relatives, the search has been assisted by hundreds of boats and sailors from all around Southern California.

According to Coast Guard Commander Gregory Higgins, who spoke to NBC News on the Today show on Monday, the group does not appear to have enough food or gasoline on board to last 13 days at sea.

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