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Fox News’ Legal Problems Get Much Worse

Fox News has received a penalty from Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric Davis for withholding information from Dominion Voting Systems in connection with the defamation case that will go to trial in a few days.

According to a source who was present in court during a pre-trial hearing on Wednesday, the judge clearly mentioned that he was in a position to order an investigation into any attempts made by the network and its attorneys to conceal or withhold evidence from Dominion’s team throughout the discovery process.

Davis’s decision was made after Dominion’s attorneys played a recording of Rudy Giuliani, a prominent advisor to the former President Trump, speaking with Fox personnel that they had gotten through former Fox producer Abby Grossberg. Additionally, Grossberg allegedly shared a significant number of additional recordings with Fox’s legal staff during her tenure there, according to Dominion’s attorneys.

After being dismissed from the network earlier this year for claiming that the network’s attorneys had forced her to give false testimony in the Dominion case, Grossberg is now suing Fox in a separate action.

Grossberg had previously collaborated with a producer for top hosts Maria Bartiromo, Tucker Carlson, and others while she was employed at Fox. In a previously sworn deposition in Dominion’s case, Grossberg had claimed that she had not believed it was her duty to fact-check Trump’s false claims of widespread voter fraud. She has claimed that she has now realized that the answers that Fox’s lawyers had been trying to put her in a position to be made her the “company scapegoat.”

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