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Scientists Make Shocking Discovery Under Antarctica’s Ice

On January 5, a sizable asteroid with some of the oldest known cosmic components was found in Antarctica.

One of the rarest and most interesting discoveries, the 17-pound rock contains stuff that may be billions of years old. Over the past century, more than 45,000 asteroids have been discovered in Antarctica, but this most recent rock is quite unique.

The asteroid was found by a team of worldwide experts over the course of an 11-day mission and is most likely from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, according to the Chicago Tribune. The scientists located locations beneath the Antarctic ice where meteorites have fallen throughout the planet’s history using specialized data and image technologies.

Asteroid refers to an object that is in space. When an asteroid enters our atmosphere and burns up, it is referred to as a meteor; when the rock falls to the ground, it is referred to as a meteorite. According to researcher Maria Valdes, “even tiny meteorites can be incredibly scientifically valuable.” But the most recent discovery is not a small one.

The team thinks that the most recent meteorite contains some of the oldest known materials, chondrite. Previous chondrite meteorites, which are over 4.6 billion years old, may have contributed to the origin of life on Earth.

We The People may have come from another planet because some scientists think chondrite, which contains water, sulphur, and other minerals, may have fallen to Earth as our planet was creating. In order for life to exist, researchers are also trying to determine how meteorites may have contributed to the stabilization of our atmosphere.

More fascinating findings will undoubtedly soon be made while the enormous meteorite is being examined in a facility in Belgium.

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