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Satellite Images Show Mass Grave Site After Russia Accused Of Massacre

In multiple towns and villages in Northern Ukraine, Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin’s army have definitely committed genocide.

Hundreds of bodies were discovered in alleys and cellars when Ukrainian troops advanced and Moscow’s forces retreated.

Despite being vastly outmanned, the Ukrainians have managed to halt Russian advances and have even begun counter-offensives in crucial areas of their country controlled by Putin’s henchmen.

Some of the most heinous Russian war crimes in Ukraine have been documented all over the invasion map.

In the latter’s region, Ukrainian citizens have resisted the invasion in novel ways, including feeding poisoned pastries and counterfeit wine to Russian troops.

On Saturday, however, Ukrainian troops proceeded northeast of Kyiv to many towns and villages they had seized from the Russians, exposing some of the most terrifying sights in the Russian war.

Ukraine’s territory defense forces claimed that they uncovered the mangled bodies of 18 persons in a cellar.

Women and children under the age of 14, some as young as 14, were among the victims.

The mayor of Bucha, Anatoly Fedoruk, declared on Saturday night that 280 bodies found lying on the street had to be buried in mass graves.

Many of victims murdered in cold blood by Russian assailants wore white bandages on their arms, indicating that they were unarmed and not Ukrainian fighters.

Putin’s army massacred entire families of migrants, including women, children, and grandmothers, according to Fedoruk, the town mayor.

Putin needs an international arrest warrant, according to a former top UN prosecutor who investigated genocide and war crimes in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, early Sunday.

This warrant must be carried out against Putin for the horrors committed in Ukraine on his command.

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