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Obama Allegedly BEHIND Election Night Chaos!

As long as inflation rises and President Joe Biden’s approval ratings remain poor, other liberal lawmakers may find it difficult to support him. In order to maintain their position of authority in the days preceding the November 8 midterm elections, Democrats did all within their ability to do so.

In the crucial battleground states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia, they appealed to former President Barack Obama to try to save the day at the last minute.

Longtime political consultant and Obama insider, who tweeted the day after the election, gave an explanation of why the former president waited until the final 10 days of the midterm election cycle to start campaigning.

David Axelrod claimed that Democrats sought to utilize Obama as their closing argument, to make their case, and to persuade Liberals to cast their votes at the polls. The time was perfect, Axelrod concluded his remarks, indicating that the method had been successful.

“People asked why @BarackObama waited until the final 10 days of the campaign to emerge.  But his job was to be the closer, make final arguments and spur turnout when folks were paying attention. Turns out, the timing was just right!”

Axelrod has experience analyzing election strategy because he served as the campaign’s main strategist for both of Obama’s presidential campaigns. Additionally, he contributed to numerous other political campaigns across the country.

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