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Massive Waves of Illegal Migrants Hit Florida As Coast Guard Responds

Over two million illegal immigrants were apprehended entering the country last year, mostly in border areas like Texas, Arizona, and California.

However, other states have also been severely impacted, including some where immigrants are bused in and out and others, like Florida, where undocumented immigrants enter the country through the water.

A few days ago, about 24 Haitians who had been dropped off in boats surprised Miami beachgoers by beginning to swim toward the shore.

People were astonished to see Haitians swimming toward Virginia Key, a small island close to the city center. Haitians had traveled on a small sailboat but had attempted to swim the final leg.

People at the beach utilized their dinghy boats and water skis to transport the refugees to the land safely out of an abundance of compassion. US border officials then interrogated them.

Around 177 illegal immigrants from Cuba were previously apprehended while attempting to enter Florida by boat; they were returned to the communist island by the USCG.

First responders concentrated on providing the Haitians with the aid they required, such as war covers and hydration. Before being returned to Haiti, some who were still on the boat were interrogated by officials.

The rights of people who didn’t make it to land are different from those of those who did.

More Haitians and Cubans are attempting to reach the United States via the Florida Keys. The Haitian and Cuban American communities in Florida are both sizable, therefore many families are affected by this situation.

Over 4,900 Cuban migrants have been apprehended by the USCG in the last four months alone while the number of Haitian migrants seeking to enter the country is also rising.

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