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Colorado Police Prevent School Shooting Planned By Transgender Suspect

On Friday, a school shooting was prevented thanks to the work of Colorado police officers and a prompt alert. According to an arrest affidavit, everything apparently started last Friday when officers responded to a disturbance call from the 13900 block of DoubleTree Ranch Circle in the Town of Elbert.

Authorities were informed by the caller that “her sister,” a person with anger management issues, had threatened to shoot up a school. When deputies arrived, they questioned William Whitworth, the accused, and discovered that he was a biological man. He acknowledged having plans to go shoot up a school.

With a sketched blueprint of Timberview Middle School and a manifesto of “schizophrenic rants” mentioning serial killers and entertainers, including the Columbine shooters, Whitworth disclosed that the school was his “main target.” Politicians’ names were also mentioned, including Donald Trump, a previous president.

Authorities also discovered that Lilly, Whitney’s real name, was transitioning from male to female. They also saw that his bedroom was a mess, with piles of garbage and containers making it difficult to move about. They claimed that there was so much rubbish in the room that it reached the height of the bed.

The deputies claim there were holes in the room’s walls, however it is unknown what specifically caused them.

Whitworth was detained and charged with two counts of attempted murder in the first degree, menacing, malicious mischief, and interfering with academic staff, instructors, or students. His $75,000 bail has been set, and a preliminary hearing has been scheduled for May 5.

Despite Whitworth’s arrest, authorities continued to alert the school’s personnel and parents to the threats. In a statement, the district expressed its gratitude for averting what would have been a catastrophe.

The district also disclosed that Pioneer Elementary School, Timberview Middle School, and Pine Creek High School had all received protection orders from the court.

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