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Big City Mayor Bashes Americans From Red States

At a news conference held on Tuesday to discuss his journey to Puerto Rico on Sunday, Democratic Mayor of New York City Eric Adams directed his criticism at residents of Kansas.

“When I walked with that polo shirt with MAYOR on the back of it and went in those different locations, you have looked at the faces of people. That this city was saying to people that they matter,” Adams said, “That means so much to people outside of this country and those who are part of are locations around the globe. We take that for granted.”

“We have a brand, New York has a brand. And when people see it, it means something. You know, when we go, Kansas doesn’t have a brand. When you go there, okay, you’re from Kansas, but New York has a brand. It has a brand, and that brand means diversity, that brand means we care, that brand means we’re compassionate,” Adams continued, causing several on the stage with him to giggle.

Adams and other government representatives visited Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic on Sunday to evaluate hurricane Fiona’s damage, according to the New York Post. On Sunday, the storm made landfall, knocking out the electricity.

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