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Biden’s Attempts To Talk Up The Us Economy

Many Americans do not find President Joe Biden’s efforts to bolster the American economy to be credible. nobody, not even his own backers.

According to the most current polls by the Economist and YouGov, 66% of Biden supporters believe the economy is either bad or fair. Only 5% of people rate the economy as outstanding, while 28% believe it is decent.

43 % of Biden supporters believe the economy is doing rather well. According to 23%, it is in bad state.

It should come as no surprise that individuals who supported Donald Trump have even lower expectations for the economy. 75 percent of people think the economy is weak.

Compared to 87 percent of Trump supporters and 60 percent of the general population, 36% of Biden supporters believe the economy is currently in a recession.

A total of 42% of Biden voters claim to have experienced significant inflation, 53% claim to have experienced very little inflation, and 5% claim not to have experienced any inflation.

Even the Inflation Reduction Act hasn’t convinced Biden supporters that it will lower inflation. Only 24% of Biden supporters believe the measure enacted by Democrats on party lines would reduce inflation. 13 percent predict an increase in inflation. 35 percent of respondents believe it will have no impact at all. According to 22% of respondents, they are unsure.

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