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Biden Makes Bizarre Comments About Jill and LGBTQ People

Joe Biden now appears to be declining more fast. He recited a poem on Tuesday, but he had trouble staying coherent throughout.

Furthermore on Wednesday, when he spoke at a White House luncheon honoring women’s history month, Biden encountered some serious trouble once more.

He referred to his wife as the “first full-time lady” and said that this was a time to honor women like her.

“This is a time for celebrating extraordinary women. Like Jill, the First Lady, the first full-time lady, the First Lady who works full-time in addition to being the First Lady.”

This statement raises questions like, “Is there a part-time lady?”, “Is he talking about a full-time job?”

Another issue with “full-time” is that she only taught two community college courses on Tuesdays and Thursdays, according to a report from the end of the previous year. Not exactly a full-time or heavy workload.

Then, Joe was virtually incoherent with this one. Simply put, he absolutely flubs what he’s attempting to express.

Biden said incoherently, “Literally, as my sister would say, I wrote the Violence (unintelligible) with my own paw.”

Knowing Biden’s past, you can easily guess that he was attempting to say “Violence Against Women Act” there. Nevertheless, if you didn’t, you wouldn’t understand a word he said.

Then, Biden attempted to engage in his customary pandering to constituencies, but he botched it as well, stating that it “improves protection for the underserved communities including Black and Latina, brown and Asian American, Native Americans, H—Pacific Islanders, LGBTQ survivors.”

Question here is, what is an “LGBTQ survivor”?

Joe Biden has no concept of what he is even saying at this moment. He basically reads what he believes is on the teleprompter and then just arbitrarily puts things in.

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