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Biden Adds 14 Chinese Firms to Red Flag List

As a result of US officials’ inability to check the 14 Chinese enterprises put to the red flag list by the Biden administration on Thursday, American exporters are now need to exercise additional caution before sending them their products.

The possibility exists that being added to the list will start a 60-day clock that might result in considerably harsher punishments.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves issued a statement, “Enforcing our export controls is a crucial part of protecting American national security. We are committed to using all of the tools at our disposal to establish how advanced US technology is being used around the globe.”

Among those that were added to the list were ECOM International and HK P&W Industrial Co Ltd, who did not reply to requests for comment. China “China strongly deplores and firmly opposes” American efforts to “abuse export control measures” and use “state power to suppress and contain foreign companies.” according to a spokeswoman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington.

“The U.S. side should immediately stop its wrong practices. China will take necessary measures to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies.”

In order to hinder Beijing’s technology advancements, the US has utilized export restrictions as a crucial instrument, escalating tensions between the two nations.

18 other organizations from Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore were also added to the list by the Commerce department, which is in charge of overseeing US export regulations.

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