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WH Dodges Questions on Possible Hunter Biden Charges

According to claims that surfaced earlier this week, federal authorities have enough evidence to file charges against Hunter Biden relating his taxes, allegations that he lied to get a handgun, and his foreign business dealings.

Hunter is, of course, the subject of a federal investigation. This occurs at the same time as several unsavoury facts about his life and actions have been found on the famed laptop that he dumped at a repair shop.

Joe Biden, for his part, asserts that he is unaware of Hunter’s foreign business dealings; nevertheless, evidence from his son’s laptop shows that the president was not only aware of Hunter’s international business dealings but also spoke to Hunter about them.

The Justice Department has enough evidence to indict Hunter, according to reports, but the White House is attempting to avoid doing so publicly.

As many would anticipate, Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, was questioned about the possibility of federal charges being brought against the first son.

Naturally, this is the response from the Biden administration, which had earlier promised to be open. Sadly, this White House hasn’t been anything like that, constantly dodging difficult questions.

When it comes to the president’s son and other lurid revelations about him, the Biden administration has seldom, if ever, been honest in its responses.

Hunter Biden’s attorney undoubtedly made some public comments, despite the White House’s refusal to discuss any potential charges that may be brought against the former vice president.

According to attorney Chris Clark, it is a federal violation for authorities at this level to divulge information about a case of this sort. The legal counsel for the president’s son then said that the manner in which this information reached the public should be the subject of an inquiry.

Even if Hunter Biden is guilty in a legal sense, numerous Americans are unconvinced that he will ever be held accountable, despite Clark’s bluster.

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