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VP Harris Goes Maskless As School Where Masks Are Required

While visiting a Washington, D.C., school last week, Vice President Kamala Harris elected not to wear a mask, stating that masks were optional, despite the fact that kids were compelled to wear them.

On Monday, Harris paid a visit to Neville Thomas Elementary School, where she and school administrators were photographed bare-faced alongside young students wearing masks.

The only person who doesn’t need to wear a mask in the Democrats’ anti-science dystopia is Kamala Harris, Pigott stated in a second tweet.

The image resembled a February event in Georgia, in which Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Adams was photographed without a mask amid masked elementary school pupils.

Later, Abrams apologized for the disturbing photos from the occasion.

Masks were apparently optional at Harris’s school, but her images with all disguised children were infuriating to those who had undergone two years of seemingly inconsistent epidemic policies.

The instance is one of many Harris public appearances that have come under investigation in recent days. On social media, the vice president has also been heavily criticized for recent speeches.

The new debate is one of several surrounding the White House’s approach to the school-related epidemic. Most Americans expect that the epidemic limitations would be lifted permanently, enabling children to concentrate on their studies at school.

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