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Private School Threatens To Suspend Students Who Improperly Wear Masks

According to an email from the Head of School at Horace Mann School in New York City, if students incorrectly use their face mask on school grounds, they will be suspended without access to virtual learning choices.

According to an email as well from Head of School Thomas Kelly, school pupils in the “Middle and Upper Division” of the private school would be “sent home without access to remote classroom teaching for the period at least of a two-day suspension” if they require “prompting to wear a mask.”

The email explicitly stated that punishments for failing to properly wear a face-covering could include students’ ability to participate in “co-curricular and interscholastic activities and events.” Kelly clearly stated that there are no students at Horace Mann who struggle to understand “the need to consistently wear one’s mask over their mouth and nose.”

“There will be no disputing the fact whether a prompt was given once, twice, or three times if you use this method.”

According Horace Mann School in New York City, COVID-19 vaccination policy, the New York City private school currently mandates immunizations for kids aged 5 and older, and has amended its policy to include required booster doses for eligible school pupils.

According to the Horace Mann School website, medical and religious exemptions are legally permitted.

This has caused an uproar from parents as well as other citizens. We are still awaiting for any comments coming from Horace Mann School, hoping that they will shed some light regarding this matter,

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