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Violent Transgender Activists Allegedly Assault Dad

The Vancouver Police Department is looking into a report from activist Chris Elston, who goes by the name “Billboard Chris,” that he was attacked at a trans-rights rally on Friday.

“The most violent group in the western world are transgender activists,” Elston tweeted Saturday.

“Here I am getting assaulted in the presence of dozens of police who do nothing,” Elston said.

“We have launched an investigation into an incident that occurred at yesterday’s trans-rights rally at Grandview Park. We support everyone’s right to peacefully assemble and protest, but we will also hold people accountable for acts of violence and criminal behaviour,” the Vancouver Police Department said Saturday afternoon in a tweet that is closed for comment.

“I’ll believe them when I see results,” Elston said Saturday in a tweet. “Hopefully they conduct an internal investigation into the conduct of their own officers,” he added. According to Elston, officers did too little to intervene.

“Billboard Chris” is an activist father based in Canada who opposes surgical and chemical approaches to treating gender dysphoria in children. He reportedly travels across North America wearing sandwich board signs succinctly summarizing his position. He has been interviewed on news and opinion programs including Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

One video of what happened in Vancouver on Friday shows Elston with what looks like an open cut on the bridge of his nose from an attack in a public park that happened earlier. On that video, a group of people are seen surrounding him and yelling “f*** you” while police officers stand by as the crowd quickly gets violent.

On the video, you can see one protester who is chanting and holding an orange umbrella and a rainbow flag. He is right behind Elston and only a few inches away from him. As Elston turns, it looks like his elbow brushes the protester’s fluffy coat collar, and it also looks like Elston lightly puts his hand on the protester’s collar while he keeps turning in place.

On the video, you can see the protester go straight for Elston’s neck in what looks like an attempt to choke him. As Elston pulls away from the hold, pushes the protester away, and falls toward the group of officers, a fight breaks out. As Elston puts some space between himself and the group of protesters, one of the female officers seen in the video seems to be smiling or laughing.

“I need to sue the VPD. This is obscene,” Elston also tweeted.

Elston said that the first attack at the Vancouver location happened “within seconds” of him getting there, and that he had called 911 for help. Elston says that the female officer, who seems to be the same one who smiled during the later attack described above, told him at first that he could have cut his own nose.

“People can do these things, hurt themselves on purpose … you provided me no evidence,” the officer said, before seeing video of the first assault.

After seeing the video, the officer agrees to “have a conversation” with the people who allegedly first assaulted Elston, “to see what they say.”

Watch a video of one of the times “Billboard Chris” and protesters got into a fight below.

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