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Biden Administration Gets Desperate in Latest Push to Disarm Americans

The White House Instagram page recently posted a graphic asking for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines, the Biden administration’s standard practice for snatching away firearms. This post received tremendous criticism from Americans all around the nation, as was to be expected.

Nearly all of the over 4,000 comments that were left on this site expressed dissatisfaction or disagreement with the extreme idea put forth by the Biden administration. Several have correctly noted that the ban lacks specificity and a true legal definition, leaving the authorities free to seize any weapon they choose to be an assault one.

The Biden administration was also criticized for being hypocritical by others, who noted that Biden had a role in equipping the Taliban and supplying guns to cartels when serving as Vice President under President Obama.

The Biden administration’s ongoing efforts to disarm law-abiding citizens are, all things considered, in opposition to American values and our democratic traditions. No one should be surprised that Americans are protesting this blatant attempt to deny them of their constitutional rights.

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