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Ukrainian President Calls Out Biden in Front of Congress

On Wednesday, President Zelenskyy made a direct appeal to Vice President Biden, pushing him to simply be the face of peace after three weeks of Russian bombing.

“Being the head of a country is no longer enough in today’s world. Today, to be the world’s leader is to be the world’s leader in promoting peace,” Zelenskyy said in an address to Congress.

He went on to remark that maintaining peace in your country is no longer only your responsibility since your people do so. It is reliant on those around you, on those who are strong and fearless.

Strong does not automatically indicate enormous, he added. When it comes to battling for the survival of his fellow countrymen and world citizens, strong is fearless and willing to go the extra mile.

Biden was the subject of Zelenskyy’s comments, which came after he urged Congress to impose greater restrictions on Russia’s industry and leaders.

Zelenskyy then urged US senators to encourage their constituents to withdraw their businesses from the Russian market, as well as to ban any American ports that carry Russian goods.

The threat of Russian invasion, according to Zelenskyy, was not only a problem for Ukraine, but also a threat to the international order.

After Biden showed a film depicting the lives lost and devastation caused by Russian air raids, the Ukrainian president made an appeal to him.

Ukraine’s Armed Forces published a clip on March 9, 2022, depicting the aftermath of a Russian army bombing a children’s hospital in Mariupol, southern Ukraine, which resulted in huge devastation.

The image was created using footage. There have been no reports of injuries as a result of the attacks, according to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to a statement on his website, Zelensky acknowledged the walkout at a maternity center in Mariupol.

It would be interesting to see how long Zelenskyy can keep playing nice with the US before he is forced to turn his back on the country that is only supplying platitudes.

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