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Two Stupid Climate Loons Attempt To Destroy Van Gogh’s Painting

The battle on the wonderful parts of the past that are still standing is merciless because it appears that the powers that be have declared that nothing nice anywhere can exist any longer. This time, it means that London-based climate campaigners defaced a famous sunflower artwork by Vincent van Gogh using a can of Campbell’s soup.

Apparently tomato soup cans have been hurled over a Van Gogh painting of sunflowers at the National Gallery in London by environmental protestors.

The two were shown in the video opening two tins, pouring the contents on the artwork, and then gluing their hands to the wall.

They were sporting Just Stop Oil protesters’ T-shirts.

The magnificent picture was protected by glass, which prevented the irrational anti-oil demonstrators from destroying it to make their point about fossil fuels.

According to a statement from the gallery, two persons entered Room 43 of the National Gallery soon after 11 a.m. this morning in an effort to damage the expensive painting.

The two looked to have applied wall adhesive to the area next to Van Gogh’s Sunflowers (1888). Additionally, they daubed the artwork with a red material that appeared to be tomato soup.

Police were called after all visitors had left the room. Police are currently on the site. The frame has some minor damage, but the artwork is untouched.

There have been two arrests.

Thus, despite their madness, the picture was miraculously unharmed, but the frame was. Thank heavens there was a protective glass covering it, as a climate change activist might have destroyed one of the great paintings.

The organization has come under fire and scrutiny for destroying museum pieces of art. Just Stop Oil campaigners attached themselves to the frames of John Constable’s “The Hay Wain” in the National Gallery and Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” at the Royal Academy of Arts in London in July.

During the two weeks of protests, activists have also blocked bridges and intersections all around London.

In spite of protests from environmentalists and scientists who claim the action undermines the nation’s commitment to combating climate change, the British government has opened a fresh licensing round for North Sea oil and gas exploration.

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