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Trump Plan To Test And Streamline Federal Workforce Resonates

Former President Trump has announced plans to impose a civil service test for all federal employees in an effort to reduce the enormous government bureaucracy. Trump’s agenda 47 promises to reduce federal spending and bring the government back in line with the Constitution’s framework for limited government.

For example, Trump said in a recent campaign video, “I will require every federal employee to pass a new civil service test, demonstrating an understanding of our constitutional limited government.” Important concepts like due process, equal protection, free speech, religious liberty, federalism, and Fourth Amendment safeguards against excessive search and seizure would all be on the table for this proposed civil service exam.

People who care about reducing bureaucracy and waste in government have long had reason to worry about the federal government, since it is the largest employer in the country. Trump’s plan is indicative of his desire to “drain the swamp” and streamline an inefficient system.
In addition, Trump intends to bring back his popular executive order that requires the repeal of two regulations for every new one enacted. In addition, the ex-president is urging Congress to make this directive permanent. The purpose of this policy is to encourage fiscal prudence and limit government overreach, similarly to the goal of a hard limitation on the cost of regulations to the U.S. economy.

Trump also sets significant cost-reduction objectives for each federal agency, underscoring his goal of streamlining and improving government operations. As the previous head of state put it, “we will shrink it every year with aggressive cost-reduction targets for each federal department rather than expanding the size and scope of government.”

The requirement for openness and responsibility in rulemaking is also addressed in Trump’s agenda. The suggested measures will reduce the power of “rogue bureaucrats” and improve government accountability by centralizing all federal rules in one place and making many of them unenforceable.

Trump hopes to free the American economy by putting “unelected bureaucrats back in their place” by instituting a civil service exam for government employees. His backers say the reforms would bring in millions of jobs and billions in investment, while his opponents question whether or not a test can adequately overhaul the system.

Supporters of less government, more personal freedoms, and less red tape tend to agree with Trump’s Agenda 47 proposals. The former president’s audacious intentions have sparked discussion over the appropriate role and size of the federal government in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election.

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