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School Board Calls Cops after Mom EXPOSES Hypocritical Board Member

Communist hypocrites have transformed schools into a dangerous combination of leftist indoctrination camps and forced masking centers, and parents are protesting. Every day, tiny kids stroll off to school or are bussed there, only to be informed that being white is terrible, being straight is strange, and that the Republican Party is full of Hitler-like individuals. And they’re forced to wear a scratchy, unpleasant mask while some rainbow flag-waving blue hair screeches.

Worse, because this biological police state has existed for so long, many children have never experienced a normal educational environment. They’ve never seen their pals without masks and have only known a world where school is either online or in-person but everyone has to wear a mask all day.

Parents are fed up with it and are pushing back, venting their frustrations on school board members who force their children to wear masks in class while going maskless outside of school. One mother in particular recently pushed back, exposing the board members as hypocrites who don’t wear the masks that their pupils are required to wear.

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