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Radical Tennessee Democrat THROWS TANTRUM After He Is Removed for Leading Insurrection in Tennessee House

The three Democratic state representatives who took part in an uprising last week were up for expulsion, and the Tennessee State House voted on the matter on Thursday.

Representatives Justin Jones, Justin Pearson, and Gloria Johnson were the three lawmakers who took part.

As previously reported by Cristina Laila, lunatic leftists stormed the State Capitol on Thursday. After a transgender terrorist slaughtered 6 Christians, including 3 children, at a private Christian school in Nashville, demonstrators appeared demanding gun restrictions.

“No action, no peace! the insurrectionists,” yelled.

Rep. Pearson was ousted from the House by a margin of 69 to 26.

The deluded insurrectionist had the nerve to compare himself to the Founding Fathers during his statement opposing his removal.

He also stumbled over his sentences and screamed at a Republican lawmaker.

Rep. Jones was previously expelled from the Tennessee state legislature by a vote of 72–24 for his role in organizing an uprising inside the state capitol building.

This was the first instance of a partisan expulsion in the state’s history.

Republicans in Tennessee, however, lost their minds and were unable to unseat Congressman. Johnson. 65 votes were cast; 30 votes were needed to reach a 2/3 majority.

Before the ballots were cast, a lot of activity occurred. The House played a video showing the three Democrats participating in the uprising before deciding to remove them.

To support the three loons, demonstrators gathered all day. When the rebellious state lawmakers arrived at the Capitol, they raised their fists.

There were numerous protests both inside and outside the structure. Imagine if these conservatives supported MAGA.

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