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New Spotlight Emerges on Hillary Clinton’s Past

This week, Trump is going to court after an indictment against him was thrown out last week. Trump is in trouble with the law right now because he paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep her quiet about an alleged affair.

Trump says that he and Daniels never had an affair. Even so, his most recent legal problems are still related to the fact that this payment was made in a way that broke campaign finance laws.

Even though Trump has a lot of problems, Americans are now asking questions about payments that Hillary Clinton’s campaign made while she was running for president, according to The Federalist.

An Objective Look at the Situation

During her run for president, Clinton paid for a Russian report that was later used to find dirt on Trump.

It turned out that the dossier was made up. Also, Clinton wasn’t charged with a crime because she used campaign money to make this payment; the only punishment she got was a fine.

The same can’t be said about Trump. So, a lot of the former president’s fans have something to say. They have warned that America is becoming more and more like a banana republic, where different rules apply to different people.

Like Trump, a lot of his supporters keep saying that what’s going on with him is not a real legal case, but rather political persecution that looks like law.

What Comes Next For Trump?

At this point, Americans will have to wait and see what comes next for Trump.

Even though he was indicted for the payment to Stormy Daniels, there is a chance that he could face more charges related to documents at his Mar-a-Lago home and other things.

For now, though, the focus is on the payment made to Daniels, which the Manhattan district attorney seems to be treating as a crime. Some people think that Trump could be facing a gag order that would stop him from talking about this matter in public.

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