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Pro-choice Extremist Left Speechless

Republican Rep. Dan Bishop of North Carolina questioned abortion rights advocate Aimee Arrambide if she favors any limitations on abortion, including at the point of birth, during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday.

Bishop then asked Arrambide whether he would at least accept that murdering a two-year-old kid was ethically reprehensible.

“I support all people and trust people,” Arrambide repeated.

“Do you support partial-birth abortion? In other words, the child is half delivered and then the woman says, ‘my right. I want to take that one out.’ Do you support that?” Bishop asked.

“I trust people to make decisions about their bodies,” Arrambide said again.

When she reluctantly consented, he asked her to describe the fundamental difference between a two-year-old, nine-month-old, one-week-old, or one-hour-old human being and one who is eight inches farther up the birth canal.

“What’s the difference? Why is it okay in the latter case and not the former?” he further inquired.

“I trust people to determine what to do with their own bodies. Full stop.” Arrambide said after many seconds of open-mouthed shock.

Bishop strongly commented, “And that describes, right there exactly, what this is about. There’s a legal issue here when underneath it’s a moral issue. It’s about reality. It’s about science and the advancement of medical technology. You’re talking about unborn children, and your ‘full stop’ is that you will support the termination of a child at any time and that is frightening. And that is why this decision should be turned to the popular will of people and hopefully they’ll protect the sanctity of every single human life and live up to the standards of our Declaration of Independence.”

Arrambide isn’t the only pro-abortion radical who believes that women should have the freedom to choose abortion up to delivery.

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