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Parents PANIC – Amoxicillin Still In Short Supply!

There is a shortage of amoxicillin due to increasing demand during the early and already heavy sick season. It has been an unprecedented year for respiratory diseases, according to the FDA and many drug manufacturers.

Unfortunately, the shortage is producing chaos and trouble at the pharmacy, which is bad news for parents. When the prescription does arrive at a pharmacy, it is often in short quantity and sells out quickly because of the lengthy waits. Many parents wait one to two weeks to give their kids the medicine they were prescribed. The situation has not yet been addressed or improved by President Biden’s administration.

Crystal Tubbs, associate director of pharmacy service at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, speculates that COVID-19 may have affected almost all supply chain industries. Furthermore, shortages may develop as a result of logistical hiccups, a manufacturer’s facility disruption, or the absence of raw materials required to manufacture the drug.

his issue is serious, and declaring a state of emergency would help pediatric practices. It is important to note that the pandemic-related needless isolation of children from others decreased their mutual natural immunity. As more children attend school together, respiratory illnesses are becoming more serious.

The scarcity might last until the beginning of 2023. There are various alternatives to amoxicillin in the interim. Alternatives do come with additional negative effects, such nausea. They could be the next best thing for preventing a youngster from developing a respiratory illness, though. Constantly follow it up with the doctor to discuss the best course of action if your pharmacy is unable to obtain the prescription right away.

The shortage of infant formula was not handled appropriately by President Biden. Whether the government will address this issue is still up for debate.

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