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New SCAM Discovery – Warning Issued!

Scams are a typical issue that individuals deal with on a daily basis in the modern age. Phishing tactics are particularly prevalent. Recently, the Southwest Wisconsin Better Business Bureau (SWBBB) alerted locals about a fresh scheme by criminals.

14 persons reportedly informed the SWBBB about a fraud requesting a $3 charge from victims. They got texts purporting to be from the US Postal Service asking for assistance delivering a box. Ann Soderman, one of the scam’s targeted victims, revealed to NBC 15 that she nearly fell for it and paid the money because she’d experienced delivery problems.

No one is exempt from becoming the target of a con artist, according to Tiffany Schultz, the regional director of the BBB, therefore everyone must remain alert. She explained that persons looking to take advantage of others are especially active around the Christmas season.

There are a few ways that everyone can prevent falling for a con. Never ever open an attachment in a text or email from a stranger. Additionally, it’s critical to safeguard phones and laptops by performing updates as needed and by installing security software.

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