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Nebraska Dem Flips out During Trans Debate

It’s not a complicated idea at all.

Some individuals believe that children shouldn’t undergo the potentially life-altering procedures of transgender surgery and hormone therapy until they are of legal age to make such a choice for themselves. All children go through developmental phases as they mature. We don’t let them drink, vote, or get those tattoos because they’re not old enough.

Consider that we live in a peculiar era when certain areas consider it “gender-affirming” for a woman to have her breasts surgically removed, but a man of the same age is not permitted to have a tattoo. In terms of rules, that’s insanity. To term the indifference to the fact that young people are being given permission to make potentially harmful life choices “love.”

Still, Democrats will try to portray efforts to limit children’ access to sex change treatments as “hate.” There has been a struggle about restricting these kind of operations in state legislatures all around the country. There has been an influx of radical trans activists entering legislative chambers in an effort to silence opponents and advance their cause. Democrats appear unconcerned by attempts to impede government action on the trans problem. Even the three Democrats who caused the commotion in the Tennessee state house were recognized by Joe Biden.

The same scenario happened on Friday during the discussion in Nebraska, when a law was proposed to ban abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy and sex change treatments for minors. Classy activists reportedly hurled soiled tampons from the balcony into the room below while yelling profanities.

Six activists were taken into custody, and at least one of them tried to strike a police officer. The individual in the pink hat punches the police officer in the chest as they try to go by him. The cops were having a hard time rounding up a suspect when you walked in.

But what truly capped off the crazy, was when a Democrat who was granted a chance to participate in the discussion started talking about transpeople. Democratic state senator Machaela Cavanaugh of Nebraska spoke slowly and creepily at first, and then became increasingly frenzied.

She slammed the platform and shouted, “We need trans people, we love trans people, trans people belong here.” People strolling behind her gave her the eerie “bats” look. There was a minute of uncontrollable screaming.

Cavanaugh believes that the “Lord” only reveals himself to her in the form of her desires. It’s hard to imagine that we have people with such performative hysteria in positions of power in our government. My impression was that the left advocated for the separation of church and state all the time. But now she wants to appeal to “the Lord” in the hopes of getting her message across. For the most part, I think that will have the opposite impact on people in Nebraska.

Emotion, shouting, and even improperly invoking God are all used, but the potential harm to children is ignored. Legislators are just as irrational as activists.

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