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Irreversible DAMAGE – Children May Never Recover!

In the US, there is a heated argument about whether transgender children should use puberty delaying medications. Similar to regular Americans, the medical profession is divided on this matter. A rising number of physicians are becoming concerned about the medications’ long-term implications.

One of the first lines of defense for children with gender dysphoria is the use of puberty-blocking medications. When a youngster is going through puberty, the drug, also known as GnRH analogues, stops the body from releasing sex hormones like estrogen or testosterone. They hinder a patient’s voice from deepening and also restrict the growth of the patient’s genitalia and hair.

According to an investigation, experts are quite concerned that utilizing puberty blockers may have negative long-term effects. In addition to reviewing international scientific articles on the subject, the journalists spoke with more than 50 doctors. Due to the flatlining of bone health caused by GnRH analogues, this is a worry. According to research, bone strength never entirely recovers.

 “There’s going to be a price. When the children grow up, they could suffer from more fractures,” according to Mayo Clinic bone specialist Dr. Sundeep Khosla. 

In the US, there is no uniform law to provide doctors with legal direction, therefore some doctors have decided they won’t prescribe the medications, while others are still giving them to youngsters.

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