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High School Football Team Banned From Supporting Heroes

California has become a location that most Americans would assume only exists in movies or science fiction as a result of the indoctrination of children, far-left policies surrounding law enforcement, homelessness, and crime, as well as the liberal elite.

Admittedly, California in 2022. Liberal ideology has destroyed even the most American and patriotic celebrations. even varsity football

The football team at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California, has been advised that they are no longer permitted to carry a Thin Blue Line flag with the American flag as they enter the field.

The Thin Blue Line flag is polarizing, the squad was informed.

High school football is arguably the most American sport. Up until Communism intervened, the Saugus High School team appeared to have a number of true patriots.

Regarding the flag, the district superintendent made a cowardly statement.

I first learned about a problem with this sign being flown at Saugus High School football games just three short days ago. Despite emails demanding quick action and threatening repercussions if particular actions weren’t completed within a given time frame, we made the decision to take our time to thoroughly comprehend the situation and to respond wisely.

Despite spending time considering the matter, the district made the shameful decision to censor some of its students’ free expression and outlaw the display of the thin blue line flag.

The threat of sanctions has yet to materialize, but suffice it to say that the superintendent should have stopped the situation at that time and allowed the flag to fly. While it may be important to take those demands into consideration if you are in charge of a school district and individuals come in with demands, surrendering to threats of repercussions is not an option.

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