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Fox News Star Pulls Out a Musket

Recently, less than 48 hours separated two mass shootings in California. On Saturday, January 21, one in Monterey Park claimed the lives of 11 people. Then, on Monday, a gunman in Half Moon Bay killed seven more people. On his broadcast on Tuesday, Fox News host Sean Hannity addressed the matter, which resulted in one of his coworkers flashing a firearm on television.

On his broadcast on Tuesday, Hannity contended that despite California’s strong gun rules, the state has not been any safer. He and his two colleagues, Geraldo Rivera and Pete Hegseth, then had a conversation regarding the necessity of people owning AR-15-style firearms.

Rivera claimed that AR-15s are not required. He emphasized that modern high-powered guns were not around when the founding fathers ratified the Second Amendment. The co-host of “The Five,” who had made a video call, eventually asked that someone behind him deliver him a firearm. Rivera then displayed a musket while informing Hannity and Hegseth on the appearance of the founder’s armaments at the time.

As he was laughing, Hannity informed his companion that he would be taken into custody in New York for possessing the musket.

After President Joe Biden declared his desire to outlaw assault rifles during a debate on “The Five” earlier in January, Rivera got into a dispute regarding AR-15s. The conservative reiterated during that conversation that Americans don’t need to buy AR-15s. According to Newsweek, anchor Greg Gutfeld questioned him about the meaning of the AR in the show’s moniker. It is an automatic rifle, Rivera said, drawing jeers from gun owners.

During the conversation on Tuesday, Hannity called Rivera out for the error, informing him that the AR doesn’t stand for assault rifle. It means ArmaLite, and it’s an assault weapon, Rivera retorted.

The reason why Rivera wants to outlaw so-called assault weapons but not semi-automatic handguns is not clear.

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