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Former Trump Official Warns Biden About Discussing Taiwan

President Biden’s rhetorical promise to militarily defend Taiwan, according to a former Trump Pentagon officer, may be noble, but it is completely ill-advised given China’s current condition of affairs.

When asked if he would protect Taiwan during a joint news conference with Japanese officials, Biden replied yes, which opponents argued went against the United States’ policy of strategic ambiguity on the island.

Elbridge Colby, a former assistant secretary of defense for strategy, believes Taiwan should be safeguarded, but that strategic ambiguity is a key element of American foreign policy.

He went on to say that there’s a reason we’re talking discreetly about this. “speak softly but carry a big stick.” President Theodore Roosevelt once said.

Colby also mentioned, “You don’t poke the dragon, if you will, when you’re not quite ready. And that’s unfortunately the situation we’re in right now.”

America’s debt servicing, manufacturing, pharmaceutical development, and other industries are largely reliant on China, which is exacerbated by transpacific supply chain disruptions.

“And tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Americans, both combat forces and civilians, could die. And my question is, why isn’t everybody, Democrats and Republicans, acting like that’s a real possibility instead of high-fiving over sending $40 billion to Ukraine.”

While Colby supports US backing for Kyiv, he also believes that the US is on the cusp of a superpower conflict, and that diplomatic delicacy is essential.

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