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FBI Asked To Hand Over Possible Smoking Gun Bribery Documents

During the 2022 reelection campaign, House Republicans pledged to initiate inquiries into President Joe Biden’s family. Conservatives have long been apprehensive about Hunter Biden using his father’s political influence to gain wealth, and allegations of corruption have persisted since Biden was vice president under Barack Obama. The GOP has followed through on its pledge and is presently investigating the family. Most recently, lawmakers have called on the FBI to provide documentation related to an alleged bribery conspiracy.

The House Oversight Committee released a statement on May 3 stating that Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and Senate Budget Committee Ranking Member Chuck Grassley (R-IA) had jointly issued a subpoena demanding the FBI provide documents related to President Biden. The lawmakers contend that federal authorities have records of a “criminal scheme” involving a foreign citizen and the then-Vice President. This scheme is alleged to involve a pay-for-play arrangement in which Biden traded money with the foreign official in exchange for favorable policy decisions.

According to Comer, a whistleblower has come forward expressing concern that the president was involved in an undisclosed bribery scheme with a foreigner while serving in the Obama administration. Grassley stated that Republican lawmakers believe the FBI documents contain “very serious and detailed allegations.”

Comer has made a commitment to uncover the truth on behalf of the American people and take action against the president if the accusations are verified. According to a spokesperson for the House Oversight Committee, the allegations are extremely significant, and lawmakers desire to ascertain whether the FBI pursued the lead or attempted to cover it up to impede the investigation’s progress. The lawmakers and the spokesperson have not revealed the exact nature of the accusations or the individuals implicated.

The Biden administration reacted to the lawmakers’ accusations by emailing Newsweek on May 3. In the statement, Ian Sams, a spokesperson for the president, claimed that the GOP has been launching unjustified, unverified, politically motivated attacks against Biden and his family for five years without presenting any proof to back up their assertions.

Sams further stated that the GOP would prefer to spread anonymous insinuations, which conservative media outlets then amplify to divert attention away from their inability to offer solutions to the issues that Americans are facing and their unpopular policies. The spokesperson then took to Twitter to share clips of Grassley and other Republicans admitting they lack enough information or evidence to make definitive statements about the allegations.

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