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Famous Tv Show Star Completely Annihilates Biden Over Debt Plan

The presenter of “Dirty Jobs,” Mike Rowe, is one of the brightest, most logical minds of our time. This gentleman has a deep understanding of the typical American working man (and woman), and he frequently criticizes our politically divided society for having plainly overdosed on its wild medicines.

Rowe criticizes President Joe Biden for his recently announced intention to eliminate student loans, calling it the worst pre-Labor Day smack in the face to working class Americans he has ever witnessed.

This strikes hard coming from a well-rounded and incredibly grounded man like Rowe.

The 60-year-old television anchor said on Facebook that he’s been making an effort to steer clear of current politics on his page and instead concentrate on the positive effects his organization is having on assisting regular people in learning a specialized vocation.

And believe it or not, a skilled craft frequently offers many more chances than attending college, enabling you to work in a lucrative, in-demand sector or even launch your own company.

Rowe continued by saying that despite his best efforts to stay out of politics, he felt compelled to speak out after Biden unveiled his plan to cancel student loans, which would simply shift billions of dollars in debt onto the shoulders of the same people his foundation has worked so hard to assist over the past 20 years.

Rowe went on to describe the job his organization conducts, which is to assist in providing work-ethic scholarships to those who opt to pursue a skilled profession rather than a costly, four-year degree, according to the story.

He immediately seized the chance to slam Biden’s idea with a sledgehammer, describing it as more than unfair.

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