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Border Patrol Rescues Infant And Toddler Abandoned In The Desert

According to John R. Modlin, chief patrol agent of the US Border Patrol’s Tuscon Sector, traffickers left a four-month-old infant and an 18-month-old child in the desert where they were found.

According to a tweet by Modlin, “Yesterday smugglers left an infant and a toddler in the Sonoran Desert to die. This is cruelty. And it is gut-wrenching,”

He observed that while the infant was not breathing, she had been effectively resurrected.

He remarked, “The heartlessness of smugglers cannot be underestimated,”

US Customs and Border Protection claims that an agent was informed by a group of detained migrants that the kids were on the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, west of the Lukeville port of entry. According to the Associated Press, one of the migrants who had been detained revealed the whereabouts of the children to an agent.

Both media sources said that the infant and toddler were transferred to a hospital and afterwards released back into the care of the Border Patrol.

Month after month, the US continues to experience a tremendous influx of migrants crossing its southern border.

CBP stated, “So far this year, Tucson Sector has seen a 12% increase in Unaccompanied Children being smuggled across the border over fiscal year 2021 and a 234% increase over fiscal year 2020.”

The Republican governors of Texas and Arizona have bused migrants to the nation’s capital city, but the travels are voluntary; yet, the Pentagon has rejected Mayor Muriel Bowser’s requests for the DC National Guard to be sent to aid the city deal with an influx of migrants.

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