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Dems Should Be Absolutely Terrified by New Poll Numbers

President Biden has been buried in a string of negative polls, but recent polls reveal he’s having particular difficulty retaining Hispanic voters’ support.

According to a Quinnipiac University poll released this week, only 26% of Hispanic voters approve of Biden’s job performance, the lowest of any demographic group.

A sharp drop in Hispanic voter support might portend a devastating midterm election for Biden and Democrats, especially since the bloc appeared to turn against Biden in states like Texas and Florida while pushing him to victory in important battlegrounds like Arizona and Georgia in 2020.

While Biden’s approval ratings may not necessarily correspond with support for Democratic or Republican candidates in November, Democratic voters dissatisfied with the president may be less likely to vote.

Biden’s support rating in a Quinnipiac survey released on Wednesday was 33%, a new low for the president in that poll. His approval among Hispanic voters was significantly lower, at 26% in the poll.

Language obstacles, regional isolation, and small or wrongly weighted sample sizes can all bias results when polling demographic subgroups like Hispanics in national surveys.

Nonetheless, the poll continued Biden’s downward trend. According to a university poll released on March 30, Biden has a 36 percent approval rating, with 32 percent of Hispanics asked saying they approve of his job performance.

While Biden’s low overall popularity means he won’t be a surefire campaign weapon to bolster drooping Democrats, he won’t be on the ballot either.

According to a Pew Research Center poll released in March, 50% of Hispanic voters are leaning toward or certain to vote for the Democratic candidate in their district, while only 28% said the same about Republican candidates.

According to Lopez, this is in keeping with recent polls, indicating that there hasn’t been a significant shift in Hispanic party affiliation, as some Republicans have asserted.

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