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Covid Experts Finally Admit They Made Up the 6-Feet Social Distancing

The Covid response coordinator for the Biden White House, Dr. Ashish Jha, basically acknowledged that the six feet of social distance concept was utterly fictitious. In a video titled “Path Forward” for the Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, Dr. Jha made the disclosure.

“What we know about this virus, particularly these very contagious sub variants that are out there right now, is really about the quality of air you’re breathing around you. In a crowded indoor space with poor ventilation, you can be infected within minutes. If you are outdoors, with obviously, by definition, good ventilation, you can be outside for long periods of time and not get infected. So, context matters. Crowds matter. Ventilation matters. That is a major new update in the CDC guidance.”

From the beginning, there was a wealth of scientific material to show how rare it was to find Covid outside. Vaccinations didn’t ever stop the spread of viruses. Screening for asymptomatic transmission with routine PCR testing has never made sense. The dissemination of Covid through surface contact is quite uncommon. Airborne viruses are not stopped by masks.

When the CDC abruptly and randomly reduced the social distance in schools from 6 feet to 3 feet in March 2021, it was the first indication that the CDC was making things up. After a great deal of opposition from parents and teachers, the modification was made.

The CDC’s “six-foot social distancing” regulation was never accurate, as demonstrated by a study that revealed more instances in schools that followed the recommendations.

“Districts implementing 3 feet reported 895 student and 431 staff cases. Districts implementing 6 feet reported 3223 student and 2382 staff cases. The risk of a COVID-19 infection was 11% less in districts implement >3 feet of social distance for students and staff.”

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