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CDC Spied on Americans through Cell Phones to Enforce Lockdowns

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) spied on the cell phones of tens of thousands of Americans in order to enforce its COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, according to a shocking discovery.

The CDC spent $420,000 in 2021 to be able to access millions of Americans’ mobile phone location data to track whether they were complying.

According to papers obtained by the outlet, the CDC utilized public money to purchase data from SafeGraph, a data brokerage, which was taken from the cell phones of the American people.

The mobile phone data in question was aggregated, which means it didn’t follow each individual user’s movements; instead, it was designed to highlight broad patterns.

However, the federal health agency’s openly dystopian acts cause concern, as they demonstrate the extent of totalitarian control the federal government is willing to use for its own gain.

Hourly activity monitoring in curfew zones, as well as comprehensive estimates of how many individuals visited pharmacies participating in vaccination monitoring systems, were among the initiatives under question.

To make the news even more shocking, cybersecurity researcher Zach Edwards is mentioned in the paper as adding that the records showed the CDC had bigger plans for cell phone location data. These weren’t just for tracking epidemic reactions.

According to the analyst, the federal government purposely constructed a large list of open-ended applications, including the surveillance and tracking of contacts between neighbors, trips to schools and churches, and a violence-focused study of the data.

The CDC’s clever dystopian strategy began with the temporary usage of free data.

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