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Connecticut Store Owner Stops Armed Robbery By Returning Fire

An attempted armed robbery that was stopped in East Hartford, Connecticut, on Thursday serves as another illustration in the news of how crucial the Second Amendment is in actual life. The two would-be thieves approached the store with aggressive intentions, and the store owner used his lawfully licensed guns to defend himself.

Around 10:30 on Thursday night, two men in ski masks barged into the Humble & Paid Co apparel store and demanded cash. The store owner was injured in the back during the ensuing battle with one of the suspects, but he was still able to draw his two legally registered firearms and retaliate, killing one of the thieves with multiple shots.

Shortly after that, police officers showed up on the scene and took both the owner and the thief to a nearby hospital, where the robber subsequently passed away.

Jashar Haslam, a 26-year-old resident of nearby Hartford, was named as the suspect who passed away.

The company’s owner is currently recovering from non-life-threatening injuries.

As the owner opened fire, the second robber ran away. He has not yet been located or apprehended by authorities. Officers are seeking assistance from the public in order to identify the second suspect since the investigation is still underway.

The owner’s fate would have been in grave doubt if he had not been lawfully armed and trained to use his weapon. When he was able to defend himself, he had already been wounded in the back, and he would have most certainly been shot again until he was dead or totally helpless.

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