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Congressman Says Alien UFO Tech Is Being Reverse Engineered in Secret

We don’t know how recovered UFO technology works, despite the fact that it’s “being reverse-engineered right now,” according to a US Congressman.

Representative Tim Burchett of Tennessee told Newsweek that he thought they had perhaps found humans and a spaceship at some time.

Four objects were shot down over North America in short succession at the beginning of February. The first, which was shot down off the coast of South Carolina, was recognized by the Pentagon as a Chinese observation balloon. According to China, it was a civilian airship gathering weather data.

The remaining three targets of US fighter jet missiles over Alaska, Canada, and Lake Huron, Michigan, have not been identified by the Defense Department.

On February 14, the White House announced that intelligence personnel were looking into the possibility that these may be linked to business or academic institutions and be benign as a leading explanation.

On February 16, President Biden noted that these three objects were most likely balloons connected to for-profit businesses, leisure activities, or research organizations that were analyzing the weather or carrying out various types of scientific research.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, stated to the media on February 13 that there was no evidence of aliens or extraterrestrial activity and that she wanted to make sure the American people were aware of this.

Several new theories regarding what UFOs may be, what type of harm they might provide, and what might happen next were sparked by the mysterious objects. This has come from a variety of sources, including the political arenas and filmmaker Steven Spielberg, who said last week to presenter and writer Stephen Colbert that “it’s mathematically impossible that we are the only intelligent species in the cosmos.”

President Biden has directed a “interagency team” to look into the “broader policy implications for detection, analysis, and disposition of unidentified aerial objects that pose either safety or security risks.” according to National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby on February 13.

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