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Biden Forgets Name of Senator He Just Introduced

We’re elbow-deep in bizarre Biden moments. I previously wrote about Biden’s remarks that the strange relationship between housing and gas prices in Los Angeles. Then he said that the price of gas had always been around $7.00 there, despite the fact that it has increased since last week and is now, on average, more than $3 higher than it was when President Donald Trump was in office. Additionally, he appeared to verbally threaten Saudi Arabia by claiming to have something to say to them but declining to elaborate.

You would think that he’d be going to battleground states to help candidates. That is if he wasn’t so unpopular that the candidates don’t want him around, campaigning with them. That’s why as we now get into the final stretch, he seems to be visiting safe blue areas.

On Saturday, Biden was in Portland, Oregon, another safe blue area, for a town hall about “lowering costs.” But the event didn’t start well, with some confusion from Biden about chairs for the audience.

Both Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Jeff Merkley (D-OR) attended the event.

Despite having just introduced Ron Wyden, Biden then appeared to forget his name.

You can tell he knows he goofed something up and is trying to get past it because he uses one of his “tells”: he says “Look” and then tries to change the subject to something else.

After that, Joe made an attempt to explain to the public how he planned to lower inflation by offering tax credits for “energy-efficient coffee machines.”

Um, Joe? It’s for the other appliances, not the “coffee machine.” And when you may not even have the money to buy the groceries because of Bidenflation, you’re probably not in the market to spend money on a “coffee machine.”

There was yet another sign of the deterioration. Joe Biden can’t even get the lines in the stories he tells over and over again right. Who knows if they were ever true, to begin with, so much of what he says is completely made up.

If you listen to Biden enough and all of his stories you know this isn’t the way the story is supposed to go. He completely scrambled it and added in the “Hollers.”

What is he even “spreading the faith” about? Abortion availability up until the moment of birth? What he has been spreading is not exactly consistent with what his Catholic faith taught him.

They have to pull him after the midterms because he’s failing fast.

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