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Watch As Biden Accidentally Says He Was Vice President For 36 Years

Joe Biden made a mistake when he said that he was Vice President for 36 years during a speech in Scranton. It wasn’t 8 years, it was 36 years.

“I’d ride every day, I commuted every day for 36 years as Vice President,” Biden stated without noticing his error.


Biden also shared a story about Amtrak workers that he had debunked during the speech. This was a story he repeated four times during his presidency. Biden claims that the conversation occurred “7 years” into his vice presidency. That would be 2015.

Amtrak worker, who retired in 1993, died in 2014.

You can watch it unfold here:

Biden made the same speech and vowed to remove “millions of” cars from the roads in support of climate change.

Biden also claimed falsely that his Build Back Better plan would not cost “nothing”.

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