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Americans Go Hungry Over Joe Biden’s Economic Policies

Some of the biggest and most productive farms in the world are found in the US. We export enormous amounts of food. What makes over 25% of our own population concerned about where they will get their next meal? President Biden claims that his economic policies are assisting regular people, yet the data strongly contradicts him.

According to the President, his economic measures have benefited average Citizens. He stated that inflation is declining in his State of the Union speech in February. Although official government statistics may indicate a tiny decline from the high of last year, American workers aren’t actually noticing much better at the grocery store. In reality, costs for basic necessities are greater than ever, and the consequences are already beginning to bite.

A fresh analysis of food insecurity was published on March 21 by the Urban Institute. 20% of Americans experienced food insecurity at the time Biden started office, which meant they occasionally lacked access to enough food. Following two years of significant government investment, that percentage has now risen to 24.6%. Notwithstanding what he says, Biden has been shifting trillions of dollars around the economy rather than into the pockets of everyday people.

Costs have increased for almost everything throughout the Biden administration, but food has been the most negatively affected. Food costs increased by an average of 10.4% throughout the course of the year ending in December 2022, while several staples saw substantially greater price rises than that. Dairy items, for instance, have gone up by 14%, while the price of eggs has increased by an astounding 70.1%.

According to the research, 63.2% of US adults said their grocery expenditure had increased “significantly,” and 62% of those respondents said they were either buying less food than they had in the past or substituting their desired meals for less expensive ones.

To pay for food, many people had to go into their savings or rack up credit card debt, while at the same time, gas prices, rent, mortgage payments, and health insurance premiums had all increased. No matter what the White House claims, Biden’s spending proposals aren’t aiding in the recovery from the current economic crisis.

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