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A Pro-life Activist Arrested After Climbing Oklahoma City Tower

According to a story, a pro-life activist was apprehended after scaling an 844-foot skyscraper in Oklahoma City.

Maison Des Champs, also known as “Pro-life Spiderman” on Instagram, scaled the 50th level of Oklahoma City’s tallest structure, the Devon Tower.

Des Champs was apprehended by officials who had been waiting for him at the top of the structure.

Emily Sutton, the station’s meteorologist, said gusts at the top of the tower were between 35 and 40 miles per hour.

Des Champs went live on Instagram momentarily during his ascent and has since uploaded photos and footage from earlier climbs.

The pilot of the drone who followed Des Champs to the top of the building was also detained, according to police.

Des Champs describes himself as a rock climber who shifted to skyscraper climbing to oppose abortion on his website.

Des Champs was arrested a month ago for mounting the Salesforce skyscraper to protest abortion. The Salesforce building is the second highest structure in California. Des Champs was back at it a few days later, climbing the whole New York Times building in New York.

Des Champs said he was motivated to start climbing buildings to oppose abortion after hearing about anti-abortion activist Dr. Cesare Santangelo.

Des Champs reportedly climbed the Las Vegas Aria Hotel in August 2021 to protest Nevada’s COVID-19 rules, according to his website.

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