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Woman Fatally Shoots Suspected Stalker Who Kicked In Front Door

According to authorities, a Texas lady shot and killed her alleged stalker after he kicked through her front door.

The incident occurred at the Gateway at Ellington housing complex in Harris County on Monday evening. When officers arrived at the apartments, they discovered a guy with a gunshot wound to the chest.

At the scene, the unnamed male was pronounced deceased.

The unnamed lady shot the accused stalker after he kicked through her front door, according to police. She also told the police that she recently just moved to avoid any contact with the man.

The woman’s door frame was damaged, according to police. Other persons were present inside the house at the time of the occurrence.The San Antonio mother was at home with her three children when the attacker broke into the house through a backdoor laundry room and was attempting to break through the main door when she shot him twice in the chest.

On Monday, the Houston Police Department shared a snapshot of the incident on Twitter, stating that officers from the Clear Lake division responded.

The inquiry is still underway in this case.

A request for comment on any developments in the investigation was not immediately returned by Houston Police.

The unnamed suspect was transported to the hospital and died as a result of his injuries. The woman was uninjured, as were her three children.

No charges were likely to be filed against the armed homeowner. In her area, the Castle Doctrine authorizes someone to use force against someone who is unlawfully and forcibly invading their house, car, or workplace.

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